Be satisfied and healthy
without counting calories 
doing a diet ever again! 
  • Access to all 200 simple and satisfying Guilt Free Recipes at your place for 12 weeks. 
  • Improve your health and well being with your FREE Guilt Free Eating Consultation Catherine Sissons - The Guilt Free Nutritionist (save $99 NZD)
  • Stay healthy and motivated with The Guilt Free Nutritionist in the food school each day for 12 weeks.
  • Download your copy so you can eat Guilt Free of my first book "Wet Your Appetite" - The Secret to Eating Guilt Free Permanently" to read while you are a food school member. 

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Stay Healthy and Remove the Guilt from Eating at Your Place

  • Boost Your Energy with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Understand how to balance your current meals nutritionally
  • heart
    Save time in the kitchen and do more of what you love 
  • Save money on food with simple shopping lists
  • Curb your sugar cravings with satisfying meals
  • Consciously feel better and show your children how they can be healthy

Imagine never having to think about what to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner every again?

Imagine eating meals that taste great, save your money and keep you fuller for longer

You are a busy person with lots on your to do list.

You love food but the thought of what to cook is a bit of a chore.     

You like to eat and want to cook meals that satisfy and nourish your body but spending hours in the kitchen is not your cuppa tea - it is not mine either. I love the idea of great tasting food but not the fuss of complicated lengthy methods and expensive ingredients.

You don't need one more thing on it, so let me take care of the fuel that gets you through your day. 

Hi Iā€™m Catherine Sissons, the Guilt Free Nutritionist.

For the last ten years I have coached many hundreds of clients how to be eat guilt free and be healthy permanently. I have seen it all over my twelves years of coaching people to be healthy.

In 2003 I qualified with my degree in science majoring in human nutrition and went on to study sports medicine. It was while coaching every day people doing extraordinary multi sport events that I had my light bulb moment

"Why are we not fueling our busy lifestyles the way just like the way I show my recreational athletes improve their performance with food?"

Since then I have be demonstrating a very simple way to eat guilt free and also stay healthy even amongst the chaos of a busy lifestyle. It has helped me avoid weight gain, getting sick and supported me while living on a tight budget raising my son and now I want healthy eating to be simple for you too.

One less thing on your 'to do' list. 

Imagine eating completely Guilt Free.  

Imagine creating delicious meals that satisfy your health and everyone you feed. 

Imagine curbing hunger between meals and mindless eating between meals.

You see what I learned in coaching clients is that to make change permanent we need to focus on satisfaction not deprivation.

The Guilt Free Food School takes the stress out of your meal planning because it includes a huge range of adjustable affordable recipes scientifically designed to satisfy and nourish.

The Guilt Free Food School makes it easy for members to eat Guilt Free and achieve permanent change. Members appreciate the recipes use ingredients that are in season and affordable. The recipes are fast to create and tasty. They like that the recipes are versatile so can be adapted to allergies or diet preferences.

Once you are a food school member you will experience

  • Satisfaction at meal times
  • Less snacking, because your meals satisfy you. 
  • More energy
  • Less hassle of wondering what to cook
  • Happier family members
  • Reduced food costs
  • Fewer complaints from fussy eaters
  • Curbing your sugar cravings

As a Food School member you have access to seasonal guilt free recipes that are nutritionally balanced 

  • quick to prepare,
  • adjustable for allergies and vegetarians
  • use seasonal produce
  • use simple every day ingredients from a supermarket 
  • searchable, so you can find inspiration for meals and use up left over vegetables each week.

If you are looking for a little more attention and support I also coach a handful of foodies privately each season.

Results from working with Catherine privately are a curbing sugar cravings, losing weight, having more energy, removing the guilt from how you eat. 

When you choose to UPGRADE for a year you will also receive a FREE 30 minute consultation with Catherine Sissons - The Guilt Free Nutritionist to use anytime during 12 months. 

  1. Get more energy from what you eat.
  2. Fit your clothes better.
  3. Beat that bloated feeling after meals.  
  4. Release body fat and keep it off permanently.
  5. Reduce high blood pressure.
  6. Balance your cholesterol. 
  7. Manage your blood sugars. 
  8. Create a healthy relationship with eating.  
  9. Get a good nights sleep.

New Zealand

"I love the accountability of the Guilt Free Food School and that Catherine is available to answer questions in the Facebook Group"

The most surprising result was the end of my sugar cravings.  I've had a block of chocolate in the fridge for several days and not even being tempted to have a piece.

New Zealand

I love how eating Guilt Free could be tailored to my vegetarian tastes and my busy lifestyle as a radio host.

I do prefer to eat mostly vegetarian and Catherine showed me where I was missing things in my eating so I was more balanced.

I still have freedom from pre packaged foods and the recipes are so quick and easy.  I have better skin, I have lost weight and kept it off and now know how to fuel the body for what I need.

New Zealand

"I love how guilt free eating can be personalised to me and my social lifestyle"

I have now lost over 10kg and I am still continuing to lose weight by knowing what I personally need.

Other diets to have lots of restrictions, no coffee, no alcohol, no bread.  Others have you buying special meals, but when you have a family as well you don't want to have to treat yourself any differently.  The Guilt Free Food School recipes make meals easy and they taste great.


I love how learning to eat guilt free means shopping for new clothes is now fun

I have now lost 8kg by following the Science of Satisfaction. I moved to Melbourne and was still able to get great advice because the school works anywhere. 

Everyone starts noticing and complimenting just when you forget you even learned how to eat in the first place. Its too easy.  

New Zealand

I love how learning how to eat guilt free works for me when I travel all over the world.

I loved Catherine's advice.  She is knowledgable and has taught me so much about how the body works.  

I learnt about the effects certain foods had on my energy, and no longer experience the afternoon 'crash'.

New Zealand

I love how simple guilt free eating is for my whole family to experience without feeling like I am on a diet.

I deal with stress better and now I know how to eat when life shows up and decides to throw me a curve ball. I run my own business as well as being a mother so life can get pretty hectic. It is so nice knowing that I wont get sick.  

I can teach my kids the same principals so my daughter never will do a diet as she gets older!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is content delivered?
Its very easy. You log in just like email and the recipes are at your finger tips to create. You also can view guilt free masterclasses that demonstrate how to feel fuller for longer in less than ten minutes. 

What if I have food allergies?
Every recipe is adaptable for dairy free, gluten free, nut free and egg free as well as vegetarian dietary preferences.  The recipes use seasonal ingredients and are easily customised to suit the dietary needs of your family.

What if I have a medical condition? 
If you feel you would benefit by having access to a nutritionist to support your health needs the Guilt Free Food School is perfect for you.  If you sign up for the 4 terms you will also receive a personal eating plan based on your needs, a one on one session with Catherine and have access to the Guilt Free Nutritionist for all your food questions.

Can I access the Food School on my mobile?
Yes, as anywhere there is an internet connection you can access the guilt free food school on all devices - even in the supermarket! 

How much time will this take? 
It doesn't take any time at all. You simply log in and choose the recipe you want to create and you're done. You are cooking any way so it actually saves you time thinking about what to create that is simple, tasty and nutritious.  There are also menus that are done for you if you really want to remove the thinking. Recipes are so easy that even a teenager or novice cook can create them and follow directions.  

How does it work?  
You can access over 70 recipes from your smart phone, tablet or computer to help you decide what to eat. You can access you membership any time you want to cook. There is also daily activity in the Facebook Group.  Those who check-in, engage, learn and eat Guilt Free get the most value from the experience. After 29 days you will have the option to stay with us, upgrade or if its not for you then you can leave. 

Can I eat these meals when I'm pregnant?  
YES!  In fact many of our members have been and are pregnant and have found that their cravings and moods have been more stable. Being satisfied and nourished will give your baby the best possible start.


What if it doesn't work?  
I personally guarantee when you eat the guilt free recipes two to three times a day and balance your eating with the science of satisfaction you will feel fuller for longer. The best part is you can eat the foods you love without cutting food groups out.  If after 29 days, in which time you have been actively engaging within the private community and can demonstrate that you have eaten the Guilt Free recipes each day and you are still not getting the feeling more satisfied. You can leave or have a consultation with Catherine Sissons - The Guilt Free Nutritionist to align your eating.    

Can whole family eat the same as me? 
Yes!  The recipes are adjustable to suit different dietary needs.  This is not diet.  It will help you feel fuller for longer and more satisfied just by swapping what you usually cook with guilt free recipes. What makes the guilt free food school so special is get to simplify your eating and it benefits everyone at your place. 

Will this help me lose weight? 
The Guilt Free Food School was created to take the hassle out of cooking simple tasty meals that keep you fuller for longer.  If you would like to lose weight you can upgrade with an initial consultation with Catherine - the Guilt Free Nutritionist. In the food school you'll learn why what your body needs to stay satisfied and how you can feed others at your place more satisfying meals. 

Is it safe to use my credit card?  
Yes.  This site is protected by an SSL Certificate.  Your payment is taken by Stripe.  The premiere payment processor for online transactions.  We do not see or store your credit card details.

How long do meals take to make?
The majority of meals take around 20 minutes to prep and cook. Meals that use the oven a little bit longer. 

Do the recipes include expensive ingredients?
The recipes you'll receive each term use seasonal ingredients.  You'll not find obscure exotic ingredients in the guilt free recipes.  The recipes are family friendly using items from your pantry, garden and fridge and adaptable to your dietary requirements. 

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